The School Day
The school gates open at 8.35am. Please ensure your child is supervised until then.

Children will line up outside their classrooms and their teachers will welcome them in.

Registration closes at 8.45am and the school gates will close at 8.50am. Children arriving after this time will receive a late mark. Any child arriving after 9.15am will receive an unauthorised absence.

Latecomers must be signed into school by an adult. Mrs Holland in the office will ask that the accompanying adult signs the late register.

Playtime/ Break is 10.35-10.50am.

All classes have a Pennington Paces break each day when they walk/run around the path around the field for exercise and wellbeing time

Lunchtime is from 12-1pm.

Collective Worship 2.50-3.10pm.

School finishes at 3.15pm when all pupils leave through the entrance from which they arrived. Parents/ Carers are invited to wait on the playground.

Key Stage 1 children and Reception Class will only be released when they are collected by the named adult expected.


‘God has given each of us different gifts
Together we can do great things.’

At Pennington Church of England Primary School we share Christian values and God’s love through our teaching and learning.

We aim to nurture and educate every unique Pennington child, regardless of gender, race, culture or background. We celebrate individuality and appreciate everybody’s different gifts.

Children grow into happy, confident people who proudly reach their potential whilst developing their own talents and interests. We enjoy learning within our Pennington family, our community and God’s wider world.



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