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Sports Funding

Due to the success and impact of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games the Government announced new funding of £150 million for physical education (PE) and sport in April 2013.The funding should be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision. It should also be used to encourage and inspire children to enjoy and participate in a healthy and active lifestyle. The 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games inspired our nation and more recently the 2016 Rio Olympics showed that with the right opportunities we can achieve.

At Pennington we are committed to improving the PE provision and raise achievement for all pupils in sport. We may well produce a future Olympic champion but whether or not, we will provide all pupils with the opportunity to learn skills and keep fit and healthy whilst recognising the importance of teamwork and the enjoyment that can be gained from playing sports
We make sure every child has access to sport outside of the curriculum.

Our PE Governor is Michael Mitchell.

Sports Funding Statement (July 2020) Pennington have been awarded the GOLD School Games Mark this year. This is the fifth consecutive year which means we can go for Platinum next Year. Until March 22nd 2020 we...

Offered 16 sports in school. ran 4 intra school competitions took part in 13 inter school Level 2 competitions. (6 a side football x2, Cross country, Sportshall Athletics x3,New Age Kurling, Swimming Gala, Mini Tennis, 5/6 Tennis, Key Steps 1 and 2 Gymnastics, Laser Quest)

Created more opportunities have been made for SEND and ‘Least active’ pupils

Ran a Change 4 Life programme

Performed in Dance Platform at Ulverston Victoria High School (Y5)

Also… our Sports Coach has worked with teachers and the PE Coordinator to improve the teaching of PE and the assessment and tracking of attainment pupils in the subject

A Yoga teacher has worked with 3 Year Groups on relaxation, stretching and mindfulness techniques

Cumbria Cricket coached two year groups for 6 sessions of cricket

We held an ‘Outdoor Learning’ Family Day and a Mental Health Awareness Day and also increased the weekly number of ‘Active lessons’ in English, maths and phonics

Throughout lockdown we...
delivered weekly PE home learning
took part in the SGO virtual home PE challenges and Joe Wicks PE
took part in the ‘Chain Challenge’ with other schools online
held a Sports Week for those at school and learning at home

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‘God has given each of us different gifts
Together we can do great things.’

At Pennington Church of England Primary School we share Christian values and God’s love through our teaching and learning.

We aim to nurture and educate every unique Pennington child, regardless of gender, race, culture or background. We celebrate individuality and appreciate everybody’s different gifts.

Children grow into happy, confident people who proudly reach their potential whilst developing their own talents and interests. We enjoy learning within our Pennington family, our community and God’s wider world.



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