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Spring 2020

Spring Term Newsletter 03 22.01.2020.docx.pdf

Spring Term Newsletter 02 15.01.2020.pdf

Spring Term Newsletter 01 08.01.2020.pdf

Autumn 2019

Autumn Term Newsletter 15 18.12.19.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 14 11.12.19.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 13 04.12.19.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 12 27.11.19.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 11 20.11.19.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 10 13.11.19.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 09 06.11.19.docx.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 08 30.10.19.docx.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 07 16.10.19.docx.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 06 10.10.19.docx.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 05 02.10.19.docx.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 04 25.09.19.docx.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 03 18.09.19.docx.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 02 11.09.19.docx.pdf

Autumn Term Newsletter 01 05.09.19.docx.pdf

Summer 2019

Newsletter 13 16th July 2019.pdf

Newsletter 12 10th July 2019.pdf

Newsletter 11 3rd July 2019.pdf

Newsletter 10 26th June 2019.pdf

Newsletter 09 19th June 2019.pdf

Newsletter 08 12th June 2019.pdf

Newsletter 07 5th June 2019.pdf

Newsletter 06 22nd May 2019.pdf

Newsletter 05 15th May 2019.pdf

Newsletter 04 8th May 2019.pdf

Newsletter 03 1st May 2019.pdf

Newsletter 02 24th April 2019.pdf

Newsletter 01 17th April 2019.pdf

Spring 2019 

Newsletter 11 27th March 2019.pdf

Newsletter 10 20th March 2019.pdf

Newsletter 09 13th March 2019.pdf

Newsletter 08 6th March 2019.pdf

Newsletter 07 27th February 2019.pdf

Newsletter 06 13th February 2019.pdf

Newsletter 05 6th February 2019.pdf

Newsletter 04 30th January 2019.pdf

Newsletter 03 23rd January 2019.pdf

Newsletter 02 16th January 2019.pdf

Newsletter 01 9th January 2019.pdf









‘God has given each of us different gifts
Together we can do great things.’

At Pennington Church of England Primary School we share Christian values and God’s love through our teaching and learning.

We aim to nurture and educate every unique Pennington child, regardless of gender, race, culture or background. We celebrate individuality and appreciate everybody’s different gifts.

Children grow into happy, confident people who proudly reach their potential whilst developing their own talents and interests. We enjoy learning within our Pennington family, our community and God’s wider world.



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